Consulting & Solutions

Real Estate & Facility Management


Provides relevant strategic real estate information to manage an organisation’s largest asset efficiently. It features streamlined processes for optimising any real estate portfolio. This solution enables optimal support throughout the real estate lifecycle and facilitates the primary processes and reduction of space and operational costs. 

Space & Workplace Management

Provides the tools to manage different space and workplace concepts. The solution offers solutions for implementing the ‘New Way of Working’ in practice and facilitates cost and space reduction. This solution helps optimise the space management processes, improves the occupancy of meeting spaces and workplaces, and increases the service level for employees.

Instandhaltungsmanagement & Instandsetzungsplanung

Ensures optimal asset performance for buildings, systems, and equipment, whilst enabling cost-efficient maintenance. By combining accurate maintenance planning with the preventive and condition-based maintenance, operational and maintenance costs can be reduced. Deploying this solution minimises disruption, enables business continuity and encourages sustainability objectives.

Integrated Services Management

Integrates people-centric and workplace focused services into a single solution, allowing control and monitoring throughout the request-to-delivery process. The integration of multiple Service Management processes such as FM, IT and HR in one solution supports the professional monitoring of Service Level Agreements and helps improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Sustainability Management

Provides the processes to measure and monitor the sustainability profile of buildings and processes and enables improvements. This results in a continuous circle of improvement and cost saving aligned to market standards. This solution helps reduce an organisation’s energy consumption and emissions and facilitates reporting compliance with local or national legislation.